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Stallion Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Internal Exercises

Instructional DVDs on Xingyi (hsingi), Bagua (Pa Kua), Taiji (Tai Chi).

Internal Iron Palm Training


Internal Iron Palm Training

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This video is the fourth in the much anticipated "Real Training Series" and can be useful to any martial artist from any style seeking to cultivate real internal ability or to anyone seeking better overall toughening and conditioning. This video covers the water method of Internal Iron Palm Training. Utilizing digital slow motion, close ups and live speed practice this video takes you step by step through all phases of the training. Preparation exercises, mental focus, methodology and finalization are all discussed thoroughly. There is also a section on potential obstacles and how to overcome them presented within the context of the training.

Running time = 46 minutes.

All performances on video are of Shrfu Mike Patterson; two time All Taiwan Full Contact Chinese Kuoshu Fighting Champion; Trainer of 37 International & World Kuoshu Full Contact Champions 1981 - 2000; Chosen as Inside Kung Fu Magazine's Hall of Fame Coach of the Year 1997.

Product Details

Format - Color, NTSC

Language - English

Region - All Regions

DVD Release Date - August 15, 2009

DVD Features -
<>Menu interfaced for easy access
<>Digitally Mastered for lossless resolution
<>Digital Slow Motion Enhancement
<>Voiceover Narration
<>Follow Along Workout