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Stallion Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
United States

A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).


Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua instruction in Las Vegas.

Hsing I Martial Arts Institute - Services Available

Serving Las Vegas Valley with the finest in internal martial arts training available.



On Premises Personal Training

Combine as you choose from the following areas of study to create your personal study program.

  1. Chinese Internal Training through Tai Chi (Taiji), Hsing I (Xingyi), Pa Kua (Bagua) or Liou He Ba Fah (Liuhebafa). Internal training focuses on mind/body integration and accordingly delves into areas that other forms of training do not touch upon.
  2. Chi Kung (Qigong). Literally "breath work" this field of study is an extremely low impact method of establishing better levels of energy and overall health within the body. For further information, please go here.
  3. Applied Integrative Motion. This area of study is relegated to those either seeking assistance toward recovery or those looking to further their health care capabilities. For more information, please see this page.
  4. Tui Na. This is the Ancient Chinese system utilized for injury recovery and restoration of the body structure. It is composed primarily of Traditional Chinese Medicine oriented therapeutic massage methods and passive joint restoration.
  5. Taoist Philosophy. Taoism is a way of looking at the world through properties of energetic balance via Yin and Yang. To study Tao is to gradually bring the awareness to a state of being which is free of daily stress and aggravation leading eventually to a state of peace and vibrancy.
  6. Life Coaching. This is the study of the application side of philosophy. How to deal with interpersonal situations as they arise through work, social or home environments. It is nice to study but without effective tools to apply the study, one may only proceed so far. Breaking down the philosophical premises to a base where one can identify and then learn to utilize such tools is essential to success.
  7. Meditation. A research study at Harvard Medical School found that practicing meditation properly has a beneficial impact on genes that provide defense against ailments like cancer, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation and infertility. Regular practitioners of meditation enjoy greater immunity, improved memory and improved bodily functions such as digestion, helping to overcome many medical problems such as IBS and similar afflictions. The study also concluded that regular, proper practice can also aid both men and women with infertility issues. We offer a comprehensive and customized approach to a wide range of traditional Chinese meditative practices to aid the student in addressing such issues and many more.

Online Personal Training via Skype

For those students who are either geographically or time challenged, we offer all areas of study via online interactive coursework as well.

You may again combine as you choose from any of the above areas of study to create your personal online study program. However, unlike training where there can be direct, physical interaction between teacher and student, online training has some limitations due to the medium of transmission. So fields of study that require direct interaction are either not possible or become more limited in terms of what can be transmitted effectively. Ask us for further details and/or guidance if you are uncertain of your best direction.

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