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Stallion Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
United States

A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

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Excellent material Mr. Patterson,

I just received your Xingi linking force applications and intermediate DVDs in the mail. They are excellent. You are very thorough in your demonstration of the forms and applications are easy to follow and apply.

If I am correct, I believe we are in a close or very similar lineage. The DVDs helped clear up some confusion I had over the linking form. I have been studying the art for a couple of years and my body was rejecting everything outside of the 5 force fists because the movements I was taught for the linking form seemed inefficient and lacking power and combat energy. Your demonstrations and application cleared those issues I was having up.

I will be purchasing the rest of your material on the animals later this month.

Thank you again for making study material on this art easily accessible.

Best regards,

Tau J.

Thanks for getting the bagua DVDs to me so quickly. First of all, the quality of the videos is very good. I also really like watching the intro sequence when that guy is whaling on Mike's belly with a huge hammer, hahaha. But seriously, I find the DVDs to be very helpful in practicing. I spent about 2 and a half hours yesterday going through the whole ba chang bien hsing form over and over with the DVDs, drilling some of the little details, and getting a much better appreciation for the flow of the form and the applications of each change. GREAT! I'm very happy with my purchase.

Hello Shrmu,
I’ve been following Shr Fu Patterson (his work) since the 1990’s. I have most of the Hsing-I, all of the Bagua and the Liu He Ba Fa. I practice Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, but not the Chen Style. Shr Fu has the best material and teaching habits I have ever seen.
P. Baio

Shrfu Patterson,
I have been really making some great progress with my Hsing-I since I received your Tien Kan DVD. It was a big missing link in my workout. The Tien Kan that I was doing was just not effective. I am really feeling my body working together as one unit now. I have collected all your videos with the exception of the Ba Gua titles which will be my next undertaking.
Thanks so much,
S. Young

Dear Sir,
I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the fact that everytime I've had any kind of question regarding the internal arts and sent you an e-mail you have always taken the time to respond. And in my opinion that speaks very highly of your dedication to the internal arts and shows that you are willing to help even those of us who aren't directly your students, but just struggle along as best we can. I appreciate your site and the quality of your instructional videos and am grateful that those of us who want to learn the internal styles but don't have a teacher locally at least have the ability to find quality instruction through your videos.
M. Bennett

Shrfu Mike Patterson
Thank you for making these videos available. I have purchased almost all of your videos and have been very pleased with the quality and of course the instruction. Your products have made it possible for me to progress with my study and reach new levels of understanding. I am greatly appreciative. I am anxious to receive my copy and look forward to any new releases in the future.
Scott Y.

Dear Andrea,
I received my dvd a few days ago and wanted to let you and Sifu Patterson now how much I enjoyed it. It has revived my training with new enthusiasm. I will be purchising more dvds from you in the near future!
Jeff S.

Dear Andrea,
I have really enjoyed the high quality DVDs from Mike Patterson's Hsing-I Chuan system (I have bought all but the weapons and the chinna DVDs - I plan to buy those later. We are a small group here in Oslo getting together once a week practicing new things and doing partner work based on this system. (We all have some former xingyi, tai chi and/or ba gua background.) It is rare to find so good instructional material in the internal martial arts - especially the live model instruction showing the applications is superb! So, for me these DVDs are very important for my hsing-i progress....these DVDs (and this Hsing-I system) are so good and so important for my training, and I therefore very much rely on them for my training progress and technical correction.
Yours sincerely, A. Johnsen

Master Patterson,
Your videos are super. Every morning I pop them in and train. Everyday I learn something new that I didnt see before in the 12 animals. Like I said, my HsingI was so modified and basic, so it's been fun learning all over again. I'm so pleased Master Mike I've decided to just do all your HsingI and trash all the HsingI forms I learned in the past. So, when you have time, I was hoping maybe you could just email me a list that might be a good program to follow over the months and years. Then maybe I'll even go into PaKua.
M. Cleary

The applications you show on the material you do teach is easily the best in this country and most likely the world. After I got your PaKua video I let my teacher Master Willie Lim see it. He said it was the best martial arts instructional video he had ever seen.
T. Jackson

Thanks a lot. I am enjoying your DVD series a lot. Great that Mike is so generous with the applications and the material. Its hard to find teachers willing to put out the applications so freely.
S. Kelly

Dear Shrfu Patterson,
I just wanted to drop you another note of appreciation and thanks. I just received the Chin Na video thus completing my collection of all your Hsing-I videos produced to date. It is no exaggeration to say that I have learned more about Hsing-I from your videos that I have from al other sources combined. I have no doubt that the other teachers/authors are highly skilled individuals, but it takes more than personal ability to be a good teacher. One needs good communication and organizational skills, both of which you seem to possess. I would like to encourage you to continue to produce as many videos on the subject of Hsing-I as possible. I, for one, will buy them as soon as they are available. I have heard it said many times that videos are no substitute for a teacher, (and I agree), but in my thirty years of experience it is better to have a good teacher on video, than a poor one in person. Thanks again.
Sincerely yours, Dr. F. Galloup

Greetings Mike,
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Currently we are studying the 5 Element forms and the linking forms presented on your DVDs. I must compliment you on your DVD series for the quality of the content and the form of instruction. I have searched for 10 years to find Hsing-I Video/DVD that it is actually possible to learn from. I have found that it is actually possible to learn from your DVDs, unlike all other DVDs I have seen. I'm looking forward to your next release. Your good work is appreciated.
Regards, O. Ingergaard

Shrfu Patterson,
Your instructional videos are excellent! Thank you for your time!! I really do appreciate that you take the time to answer these, and that your videos make it possible to continue to learn when our schedules make class time impossible.
Sincerely, M. Bennett

Dear Andrea,
I was very excited about the Hsing-I Journal becoming available. I would like to sincerely thank all of you for doing your best to produce some of the best instructional/reference DVDs available. I wish you all the best.
Yours sincerely, W. Allerdice

Dear Ms. Andrea,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday! I am very satisfied with the instructions on the DVD's and your good service. Take care and wish you all a great day!
Yours Sincerely, D. Bengtsson

Dear Sifu,
Thank you for the reply. I'll keep checking your website to see when the DVD is out. Thank you again for putting such high level Hsing I and Bagua videos out there for us beginners to see the potential of these great fighting arts.
Warmest Regards, F. Chidiac

Dear Andrea,
I just wanted to send a follow-up saying thankyou. The dvds you sent work perfectly. I am so grateful to have them. The tai chi fundamental video has been the key to remembering what I had previously learned. Having a reference to the subtle nuances of the chi kung form and the short form are invaluable to me. I actually remember one time in a beginning tai chi class, you had all the students freeze in the single whip posture from the short form as you came by and corrected. You told me to drop my elbow and relax my shoulder as you moved my arm a little bit and suddenly the chi flowed free and I had one of the most memorable sensations of chi in my lead hand. I don't exactly know how to describe it. It was like the tingling sensation I get in my hands when doing Wu Chi standing meditation, but literally about ten times stronger. It was the only time I've ever felt it THAT strong in my hand. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to you and ShrFu. I miss the school so much. I am hoping to try to get out to Las Vegas next summer for some private lessons in Hsing-I, Tai Chi and more standing meditation. I have shown some people tiger pushing and when they lift straight off the ground they are confused (I kind of cheat by dragging down the arm instead of just pushing down on their torso/hip area). I can explain the principle of tiger pushing, i.e. engaging their leg muscles with the downward push and redirecting as they unwittingly "jump". But I can only tell stories of ShrFu and the bouncing he did with us in the standing classes. I want to learn so much more. I could go on, but I just wanted to say one last thing- I still work in Alaska on the same crab boat and the standing meditation has been invaluable (there's that word again). It helps me shed unnecessary tension as well as realigning my posture and storing energy for the next round while all the other deckhands catch naps any free time they get, waking up groggy, tired, stiff, and sore. Of course, I am the deck boss so I am expected to stay motivated and the standing is my mainstay.
Sincerely and Respectfully, Chris Deavers