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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).


Chi Kung (qigong). An Overview written by Mike Patterson

Seven Energy Centers

Chi Kung (Qigong) Practice


The basic premise of chi kung (qigong) practice is contained within its name. Chi Kung translates literally as "breath ability" and so therefore it should be clear that proper breathing is the cornerstone of such practices. But it goes much deeper than this.

With regard to Chi Kung, I have often related by analogy to my own pupils, the notion of "internal weight lifting" done without weights.

Methods of Chi Kung practice vary widely but they all share two things in common. One, an attention to detail in breathing technique. Meaning a timing and nuance of when to inhale and when to exhale. Two, specific motions in the body are performed simultaneously and in connection with the breathing techniques.

This amalgam of the two components will produce pressure changes inside the body which then serve to strengthen related superficial and/or deep layer fascia (connective) tissues in the process. This then in turn lifts and realigns sagging organs due to the ravages of time and/or abuse and helps the body to achieve a more youthful and proper balanced alignment of organ structures.

Therefore, the first results a practitioner can expect is that of improved digestion, absorption and secretion. This improvement then translates to greater efficiency of the essential body processes which in turn yields a better level of overall energy in the body system.

Continued and proper practice of Chi Kung can assist the body in establishing a proper metabolic balance, increase immune response, regulate the circulatory process and normalize the blood pressure.

The importance of proper and prolonged practice under a truly qualified teacher cannot be emphasized enough. The precise body alignments and methodology of breathing is an exact discipline. And this is something that cannot be adequately learned in a weekend seminar. The teacher must have long years of experience in this discipline to be able to properly guide a student in the process of developing these methods.

The practice of both Tai Chi and Chi Kung have been linked to anti-aging benefits in a recent study. Adding to such therapeutic benefits by combining our A.I.M therapy, we have achieved truly remarkable results in so many students.

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Experience the immense benefits of Qigong (chi kung) practice. Try either the Five Elements or the traditional Tai Chi methods today!

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