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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Qigong (chi kung)

Instructional DVDs on Qigong (Chi Kung).

Tai Chi 14 Chi Kung


Tai Chi 14 Chi Kung

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This DVD is the second release in our "ABChi" product line. Requiring only minutes a day as an investment in your quality of health and well being, this complete Chi Kung set is easy to learn and can have a substantive impact on your energy and vitality if practiced regularly. In addition, we have included guided imagery for beginning level standing meditation to further your health conscious practices. Replete with a special video section on proper posture and the dos and don'ts of body alignment in training, this beautifully produced 29 minute instructional video will once again provide an extraordinary visual aid for your learning enjoyment. Utilizing multiple camera angles at very slow speed and picture in picture technology we have presented each posture of these highly effective exercises in detailed fashion resulting in an easy to learn format. We have integrated voiceover in three separate shots for each posture; one for breathing, one for detailed instruction and one shot for where to position the mind as well, giving the most thorough instruction possible on proper performance of the postures. This video is by far one of the most educational reference materials available today anywhere. The video breaks down the Traditional Tai Chi Chi Kung set in easy to digest segments, with a thorough camera expose on each section. Voiceover is constantly employed with the teaching segments reminding and enlightening you with little bits of sage advice. We have even included a separate and complete “follow along” section to aid you in performing the work of the entire set each and every day, set to enjoyable music and utilizing picture in picture for clarity. There is also a complete Guided Imagery Standing Meditation Section discussing three classic poses for such training. We are extremely pleased with the way this video turned out and we think you will be too.

Running time = 29 minutes.

All performances on this video are of Shrmu Andrea Cheng; Co-founder of A.I.M. (applied integrative motion) Therapy; U.S.A. Chinese Kuoshu Team Leader; International Internal Martial Arts Judge; Sanctioned Chinese Kuoshu Referee.

Product Details

Format - Color, NTSC

Language - English

Region - All Regions

DVD Release Date - November 23, 2009

DVD Features -
<>Menu interfaced for easy access
<>Digitally Mastered for lossless resolution
<>Digital Slow Motion Enhancement
<>Voiceover Narration
<>Multiple Camera Angles
<>Digital Picture in Picture Enhancement
<>Digital Animation Overlay