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Stallion Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
United States

A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Seminar Subjects

Possible seminar subjects with regard to athletic performance, Xingyi, Bagua, Taiji, Tuina, Qigong and Meditation conducted by Mike Patterson.


Seminars can be held at your location. Contact us for additional information, fees, arrangements, etc.

Topics may be combined and/or chosen "a la carte" at your discretion based on need or desire. Certain topics may require pre-requisite training to ensure proper understanding.

General training. Good for all athletes.

  • Speed & Power training - Force mechanics and body integration methods for increasing speed and power in any athletic endeavor.
  • Qi gong for energy and stamina - Exercises and methods of Taiji qigong, Bagua qigong, Xingyi qigong, etc.
  • Meditation for increased focus - Standing (such as Yiquan) and/or seated (such as marrow washing), etc.

Martial training that crosses stylistic boundaries. Good for any martial artist from any style or background.

  • Bridging Strategies - Combination, Progression, Cutback, Invitation, Provocation, reading the guard & stance.
  • Kicking Training - Methods of attack, tactical entry and counter strategies.
  • Trapping skills - Control, entry, reading skills and neutralization of momentum.
  • Quinna - Joint locking, seizing, throwing skills (shuai).

Xingyi training.

  • Xingyi R.S.P.C.T. - 1st and 2nd tier drills, tactics and entry strategies, clinch methods.
  • Xingyi Five Forces - Five fists, five Elbows, five shoulders, centerline drills - applications thereof.
  • Xingyi 12 Animals "da shou" drills - combative concept training to exemplify the animal methods.
  • Any form and/or its applications from Xingyi.
  • Any two person training and/or its application from Xingyi.
  • Xingyi Sword (jen or dao), 2 hand Sword, Spear, Staff, Short Knife - and applications thereof.

Bagua training.

  • Bagua R.S.P.C.T. - 1st and 2nd tier drills, Binding, Presenting the Back, Turning, Dragon Stepping, Small to big/big to small.
  • Bagua Pole Exercises - Methodology and Applications.
  • Bagua Nine Palace Training - Methodology and applications.
  • Any two person training and/or its application from Bagua.
  • Any form and/or its applications from Bagua - Jiang Rong Chiao's frame, Eight Old Palms frame, Swimming Dragon frame.
  • Bagua Sword (jen) or Crescent Sword (deerhorn knives), Staff, Short Knife - and applications thereof.

Taiji training.

  • Any form and/or its applications from Chen Taiji or Chen Pan Ling methods.
  • Any two person training and/or its application from Taiji.
  • Taiji Sword (jen) and its applications.

Liuhebafa training.

  • The long form and its applications.

Specialized training.

  • Iron Palm & Iron Shirt - Full training programs and detailed escalation of skill sets.
  • Push hands training - Tui shou, San shou, Rou shou drills, applications and methods.
  • Tui Na - Chinese massage method and joint restoration Level 1 & Level 2.