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Stallion Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
United States

A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Product Info


Our online store features instructional DVD titles available on Hsing I (XingYi) Styles, Pa Kua (BaGua) Styles, Chen Tai Chi (TaiJi), Liuhebafa (Liou He Ba Fah), Empty Hand and Weapon forms and their applications, Chin Na, Chi Kung, Two-man forms and special exercises of the classical internal arts currently. As well as books produced by PHK Enterprises.

PHK Enterprises videos have been acclaimed all over the world for the tremendous content value inherent in their productions. Every form and exercise presented in every video is thoroughly broken down to aid in your understanding. There is an abundance of information packed into each and every video production. If you are looking for legitimate information on the practice and application of the internal arts, these videos are unparalleled in these areas.

Many of our more recent releases feature cutting edge editing craft in the form of picture in picture, slow motion enhancement, animation overlay, etc. They have been designed with education thorough video in mind and we continue to explore new and better ways of communicating through the visual medium.

Please Note:

All current available products were originally filmed in Hi8 format and have been digitally remastered into DVD format. The only exception to this fact in the current product line would be the "Taoist Yoga Series" which was originally filmed in HiDef format and edited to DVD format.

Please Note:

Products are DVD-R Format.

"Recordable" DVDs will play in MOST set top DVD players and computer DVD players. This format may not be playback compatible in some older and/or entry level DVD systems. Consult your DVD manual or Computer documentation to determine that your machine can play the DVD-R format before placing your order. There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS given due to incompatibility issues stemming from your machine's inability to play the DVD-R format!