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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).


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The Tao of Martial Business


The Tao of Martial Business

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This book has been created by successful, professional martial arts teachers drawing from a combined experience of more than 40 years teaching adults only in large commercial school venues. You will, quite literally, never find so much valuable information in any other one place. This book teaches you, step by step, how to create a martial arts business having only two partners that can generate net profits of up to 250K per year, or more.

Drawn from our experiences as lifetime professional martial arts teachers, we have compiled a "no B.S." straight talk manual to assist you in realizing your dreams. This manual will allow you to be an adult, teaching adults. It will allow you to take your passion and direct it in such a way that you will help thousands with their own dreams, goals and aspirations over the next several decades as a professional martial arts teacher.

The book goes into detail on every aspect of the martial arts business. From start up to marketing to finance to the psychology of teaching the adult student to establishing brand recognition to fostering brand loyalty to sustained growth, this book covers it all and in thorough detail. You will learn things in this book that most operators still do not know simply because such secrets are gleaned only through a lifetime of teaching as a professional.

Consisting of 164 pages, double sided, including addendums giving examples of ad campaigns, seminars and other useful examples of marketing and operations; The Tao of Martial Business contains business education that is unique to our industry. This is education that is not covered in any conventional business course offered in universities. It is industry specific and gleaned only through a lifetime of successful involvement in the martial arts industry.

The Book consists of 15 Chapters: (1)Scouting a Location; (2)Establishing a Marketing Plan; (3)Negotiating a Lease; (4)Stick to What You're Good At; (5)Setting up your Facility; (6)Constructing your Curriculum; (7a)Maximizing your Income Potential-Postive Yang; (7b)Maximizing your Income Potential-Negative Yin; (8)Tuition/Enrollment Strategies; (9)Billing Strategies; (10)To Franchise or Not to Franchise; (11)Profit Margin Perspectives; (12)Training your Front Person; (13)Overcoming Objections; (14)Student Retention Strategies; (15)Business is War - Pick your Battles Wisely and Addendums.

There's an old saying; "Knowledge comes through study. Wisdom comes through mistakes". We have made our share along the way, and learned from them. Yet we see many of our fellow martial arts teachers still making these same mistakes. This book will teach you how to avoid those same pitfalls, and instead, profit from our hard earned wisdom.

My name is Mike Patterson and I am a career martial artist. I have been a professional teacher since I was 21 years old. I literally grew up learning this business. And I have learned things that can only be gleaned by being the head of a large commercial school for decades.

My partner author, Andrea Cheng, came into the martial arts business in the early 90's bringing along her "corporate upbringing" having worked as a training manager for a fortune 500 company for many years. The synergy of our two knowledge bases created a business model that far outstripped anything I had ever seen or done in the martial arts business prior to that time.

We began successfully generating profits that were unheard of and we did it teaching exactly what we loved, to adult professionals, only!

We were so successful that we are now retired from such teaching venues and spend our time as we please.

If you are just starting out, or wanting to become a professional martial arts teacher and turn it into your SOLE vocation, this book will take you step by step through the process of how to do just that. If, on the other hand, you are already a full time teacher but your school is not currently performing to you satisfaction, this book will fill in any gaps you may have in terms of your marketing, student retention, curricular programming and/or growing your school.

Just ONE implemented idea from this book will recoup your entire purchase price and then some!.

You have worked long and hard to achieve the skills you possess and can now consequently offer to your local marketplace. The time you have spent in acquiring your knowledge base is equivalent in time spent to acquire any college degree and then some. Isn't it time you were compensated fairly for your efforts?

We have written this manual for you, the aspiring full time professional martial arts teacher. The person who wishes to turn passion into profit. To make your avocation your vocation. To give you the freedom to do what you love and make a good living while doing exactly that.

Let us show you how to achieve financial independence and a quality lifestyle. You can generate profits of up to 250K a year or more with only two partners at the helm of a commercial school. Yes, I said PROFITS, not gross! We show you exactly how in this book.

Get it today! And be the first in your area to implement these strategies!