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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).


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Bagua - A Means To An End


Bagua - A Means To An End

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Mike Patterson has released his second offering in the internal martial arts genre. This time the spotlight is on the art of Baguazhang.

This second book is again focused on covering the tactical theories, training methods and philosophy of Baguazhang as a martial art. Although a bit more information on the health/vitality and cultivation methods found within these disciplines has been included as well due to popular request.

Shrfu Patterson is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts in the world on the internal martial arts. With over 42 years experience (at time of writing) as a successful fighter, coach and teacher, he has authored another masterpiece covering a broad range of the Baguazhang discipline. Relating once again viewpoints gained from immense experience gleaned from the crucible of continuous and true testing of internal martial arts tenets within full contact fighting venues.

Shrfu Patterson has become known for in-depth knowledge of the mechanics, physics and kinetics that make these art viable within real combat. And once again, he writes from his strengths with emphasis placed on opening/closing phases of core power generation within isolate exercises, moving form and partner training of Baguazhang. Perspectives on training, skill development, conditioning, meditation/energetics/Taoist alchemy, partner drilling, strategy and cultivation are all discussed thoroughly. This is a work once again designed to this time present Bagua in a plain English, straightforward manner. Great lengths are taken to explain concept with science while offering simple physical "proofs" to test the veracity of the methods. The author again avoids subject matter that has been done to death in other books, with only a cursory nod to history and any "songs" devoid of explanation, to instead put forth concrete methodology allowing practitioners to "marry" traditional practice to real world application.

To this end, the book also covers R.S.P.C.T. (Realistically Structured Progressive Combat Training) for Baguazhang. Those familiar with the author's book on Xingy will recognize that RSPCT is a contemporary methodology of translating traditional concepts and tactics into viable combat skills through specific partner training. And in this book the methods designed for Bagua are included to train effective fighting for either competition or street environments. All Bagua training methods, drills and exercises are discussed in depth.

The book is once again punctuated by personal anecdotes to drive home certain salient points gleaned from his teachers within the scope of the Baguazhang discipline during his over 40+ years of study.

The book contains 234 pages, single spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman, at 8 1/2 x 11, and over 800 photos and illustrations. A summary of the main table of contents follows:
 Statement Of Purpose; Dedication; History; Pre-Heaven, Post-Heaven Bagua; Qi Gong; Meditation, Engergetics & Taoist Alchemy; Eight Basic Palms; Eight Mother Palms; Walking The Circle; When A Stride Is Not A Stride; Controlling Momentum; The 24 Keys Of Baguazhang; Focus And Be Rewarded; Beginnings; The Moving Guard Of The Circle; Mud Stepping - Why Do It?; Every Step Can Be A Kick, Every Kick Can Be A Step; The Three General Counter Strategies; The Circular Nature Of Attack; The Utility Of Strength - Tien Kan; Pliability - Serving Tea Exercises; The 8 Pole Exercises; Tangential Movement; Jiang Rang Chiao's Frame; The Tool Of Balance; Selected Applications; To Drill Or Not To Drill; R.S.P.C.T. For Baguazhang - Binding, Presenting The Back, Dragon Stepping, Turning, Small To Big/Big To Small, Scenario Drills, Tactical Defenses, Clinch Drills, Defensive Tactics, Attack Strategies, Elbow Strategies, Amalgam Drills, Attack Footwork; Rou Shou Practice; Advice And Methods On Sparring; The 2, 2, 2 & 2 Philosophy; Addendum - Essential Knowledge, 24 Stems & 5 Roots, Yin & Yang, The 3 Powers; Closing Commentary.

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234 pages at 8 1/2 x 11 inches

800+ photos and illustrations

60 chapters & sub chapters (summary above)

Bagua discussion and illustration

RSPCT for Bagua discussion and illustration