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Stallion Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Taiji (tai chi)

Instructional DVDs on Taiji (Tai Chi).

Tai Chi Fundamentals


Tai Chi Fundamentals

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This video represents an entirely new genre for Tai Chi instructional videos. It incorporates the latest technology to present the viewer with a superior learning tool. Each exercise and training method incorporates an educational voice-over combined with a "classroom camera angle" in addition to other angles of view. The material presented is broken down posture by posture and transition by transition to create an extremely easy to follow image that is virtually the same as having a live teacher standing right beside you in the comfort of your own living room. This technique creates a video product that anyone can learn from, detail by detail, nuance by nuance. All of this is easily accessible through a ready to use menu system contained on the DVD. This video starts by covering the Postural Alignment Principles of Tai Chi practice utilizing animation overlay in addition to video for illustration. And then onto the Four Basic Practices of Tai Chi, moving subsequently into Five Star Stepping, then a posture by posture practice of the Tai Chi Short Form of Chen Pan Ling using three repetitions of a follow along classroom angle view for step by step learning. The complete context of the moving form is also presented after the step by step education portion. If you want to learn how to properly practice the traditional art of Tai Chi in an easy to use format, this is the video for you. You won't be disappointed.

Running time = 55 minutes.

All performances on this video are of Shrmu Andrea Cheng; Co-founder of A.I.M. (applied integrative motion) Therapy; U.S.A. Chinese Kuoshu Team Leader; International Internal Martial Arts Judge; Sanctioned Chinese Kuoshu Referee.

Product Details

Format - Color, NTSC

Language - English

Region - All Regions

DVD Features -
<>Menu interfaced for easy access
<>Digitally Mastered for lossless resolution
<>Digital Slow Motion Enhancement
<>Voiceover Narration
<>Multiple Camera Angles
<>Digital Animation Overlay