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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Shen Lung+

Instructional DVDs on Shen Lung Tang Shou Tao.

Shen Lung 8 Step Forms


Shen Lung 8 Step Forms

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This video has been digitally re-mastered from the original archival footage to enhance clarity and resolution. Additional footage utilizing digital slow motion, at half speed of practice movement are portrayed for amazing insights into body mechanics. Additional voiceover scenes have also been added to the presentation. This video features the basic Shen Lung Family Association's Eight Step forms of Ba Bu Da (8 Step Hitting), Ba Lien Shou (8 Continuous Hands), and Ba Tang Chuan (8 China Fist). Both Ba Bu Da and Ba Lien Shou are mixtures of elementary Hsing I and Linear Pa Kua while Ba Tang Chuan is an old militaristic Hsing I form. These three eight step forms are used as fundamental body mechanical training for Shen Lung Family martial arts. A sequential breakdown of the applications follow each form. This video presents only one camera angle for the forms, with voiceover, and an accompanying host of fighting applications of the basic Tang Shou Tao forms as created by the late Grand Master Hung I Hsiang. This very helpful video represents a unique peek into the mind of one of the great masters of our generation.

Running time = 44 minutes.

All performances on video are of Shrfu Mike Patterson; two time All Taiwan Full Contact Chinese Kuoshu Fighting Champion; Trainer of 37 International & World Kuoshu Full Contact Champions 1981 - 2000; Chosen as Inside Kung Fu Magazine's Hall of Fame Coach of the Year 1997.

Product Details

Format - Color, NTSC

Language - English

Region - All Regions

DVD Features -
<>Menu interfaced for easy access
<>Digitally re-mastered for increased clarity
<>Digital Slow Motion Enhancement
<>Voiceover Narration