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A Site devoted to XingYi (hsingi), BaGua (pakua) and Tai Chi (taiji).

Hsing-I Journal Compilation


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Hsing-I Journal Compilation

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Hsing-I Journal Compilation

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On the 20th Anniversary of its original publication, the "Hsing-I Journal" has now been re-released in printed form.

Originally published from 1994 to 1996, "The Hsing-I Journal" was a widely read and very well received foray into the world of Internal Martial Arts and Hsing I (xingyi) in particular. In only a few short years of its life, the journal became one of the more respected internal martial arts publications around.

For many years since its demise, former fans of The Hsing-I Journal have cajoled and prodded the original publishers to reprint these long gone issues. Now, finally, this compilation has been independently released in a book format to accommodate the demand for another printed version. This new re-release has been faithfully reproduced from the original magazines in as much detail as is possible including the original covers. The artwork of the era, specifically the photos, were a mere 200 dpi. As a result, the photos in the reprint suffer a bit in terms of pixilation but are still adequate for illustration. The real gold of the magazine, which is found in the actual printed matter, is still very legible and easy to read in this compiled edition.

The original journal was lauded for both the quality of the articles contained and the in-depth interviews with many prominent internal martial arts masters of the era, including the only interview ever granted in print by the late Master Kenny Gong. This reprint of the original magazine series is much like an internal martial arts antique. The compilation represents a snapshot in time with regard to what was happening in the Internal Martial Arts world within the United States during that same time period. The journal was able to entice many prominent people to step forward and aid in the effort of dissemination of vital training information.

All of the article and photo content is just as it was in the original magazines. In order to keep the format as close to the original publications as possible, the only alteration has been to some advertisements which had appeared in the original magazines. Where possible, the ads have been removed or replaced with more updated content. When this was not possible, the outdated contact information has been removed but the ad remains just as it was in the original magazine.

All eight original issues are contained in this compilation. Interviews with various Masters of the Internal Arts (some now deceased) with detailed information and insights on their training techniques, theoretical perspectives and personal philosophy regarding the internal martial arts are richly presented. Written gems on overall training, Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, Poetry and much more are once again in printed form for your enjoyment.

This is a must have for any internal martial artist or practitioner. The interviews alone represent a literal treasure trove of vital information with regard to internal martial arts training. And it is all now available once again for an entire new generation of internal martial artists from which to read and learn.